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TM Forever local ladder (environment : Merge)
World|Australia|New South Wales
1τŘ4ever'mjl09New South Wales89 864.50 LP
2ιτѕ|ξѧNew South Wales85 856.80 LP
3GarceMaNNew South Wales79 756.50 LP
4pol-toxicNew South Wales79 102.80 LP
5I Have Corona VirusNew South Wales76 575.90 LP
6birnieNew South Wales72 020.80 LP
7×X×bertNew South Wales71 376.00 LP
8MAJNew South Wales70 911.80 LP
9ρוρεlוήз.New South Wales70 342.70 LP
10Wulfram.New South Wales70 221.00 LP
11¬аŝғ|InsanENew South Wales70 187.00 LP
12MikeyNew South Wales70 177.40 LP
13CrashDazNew South Wales70 113.00 LP
14janus1339New South Wales70 079.00 LP
153freakNew South Wales70 061.60 LP
16rolexdxNew South Wales70 047.00 LP
17dreddiNew South Wales70 015.00 LP
18DenOsiNNew South Wales70 014.60 LP
19 # Paulmall #New South Wales70 003.60 LP
20YeahMoiteNew South Wales70 000.10 LP
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5«ΔŜ» нєהα .טя»
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