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TM Forever local ladder (environment : Desert)
World|Australia|New South Wales
1тв » єєєNew South Wales14 864.00 LP
2ShinGohanNew South Wales10 028.90 LP
3GarceMaNNew South Wales8 602.50 LP
4Brewer74New South Wales8 097.55 LP
5MikeyNew South Wales7 705.57 LP
6WARAtahNew South Wales7 380.53 LP
7GarceMaNNew South Wales6 280.12 LP
8PhilNew South Wales5 526.60 LP
9сτя҂ғохч҂New South Wales5 036.32 LP
10DeadlySmileNew South Wales4 621.35 LP
11FT»Ebou!New South Wales4 488.80 LP
12ωнίτε οχNew South Wales4 426.86 LP
13SDLpoiterNew South Wales4 396.39 LP
14dukeness3000New South Wales4 361.72 LP
15BRT Seby123New South Wales4 284.51 LP
16<KotLSalikNew South Wales4 237.92 LP
17ĐŘ}ΛדαмαяαѕћїNew South Wales4 219.78 LP
18SpinDIzzyNew South Wales4 009.21 LP
19LowlyHelmetNew South Wales3 833.76 LP
20Death-From-AboveNew South Wales3 748.10 LP
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