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TM Forever local ladder (environment : Coast)
World|United States of America|Connecticut
21FluffkinsConnecticut281.83 LP
22BCE3000Connecticut246.63 LP
23dr_impossibleConnecticut227.51 LP
24Nick1209Connecticut187.89 LP
25DeltaBlackFoxConnecticut147.60 LP
26DewalistConnecticut143.07 LP
27raैw NordiqConnecticut131.28 LP
28harvordConnecticut119.63 LP
29General Rainbow DashConnecticut108.95 LP
30Baron von WhoopsieConnecticut104.31 LP
31SwensonConnecticut91.67 LP
32jacquesmadmattConnecticut75.85 LP
33AllenConnecticut68.84 LP
34[LLJK]nbsp;RekkejConnecticut57.91 LP
35TSPC  VincenConnecticut44.27 LP
36vatlaawConnecticut43.43 LP
37SadenConnecticut43.35 LP
38~ZarkithConnecticut42.97 LP
39Captain SlowConnecticut40.43 LP
40kraitConnecticut36.10 LP
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2Dunno Rainqz.94
3ΛΛ kandzsikaЈғғै」
6イפτ» тıgєя
7ĐĢҒ Ðяαg๏η 
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