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TM Forever local ladder (environment : Bay)
World|United States of America|Oklahoma
1їRӗ»TimmyLuOklahoma16 238.60 LP
2patmanOklahoma5 130.26 LP
3orcus1975Oklahoma4 745.26 LP
4ВΙасκםеνιΙĿOklahoma1 866.90 LP
5smuglydismissedOklahoma1 257.82 LP
6《〤〆々〥》Oklahoma1 181.75 LP
7яєνєиgєяOklahoma1 140.76 LP
8bigfreakypossumOklahoma1 043.03 LP
9ғσямυιασиєOklahoma918.20 LP
10CDILLIOOklahoma886.09 LP
11highdriverOklahoma841.64 LP
12ŦเгєŦ๏אOklahoma769.89 LP
13CiahnensyOklahoma763.29 LP
14«ĐлBobTheJanitorOklahoma501.47 LP
15Eggplant999Oklahoma194.68 LP
16TcD~sharksonatrainOklahoma172.33 LP
17NismoSXOklahoma172.26 LP
18oxygen7728Oklahoma120.11 LP
19ein11Oklahoma113.75 LP
20MapperOklahoma113.69 LP
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