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TM Forever local ladder (environment : Merge)
World|Canada|Prince Edward Island
1moutchoooooPrince Edward Island69 703.60 LP
2.Le Baguette ?!Prince Edward Island63 436.00 LP
3azinckPrince Edward Island60 650.60 LP
4KableKiBPrince Edward Island59 356.40 LP
5panikreddragonPrince Edward Island59 351.40 LP
6alonsoPrince Edward Island57 968.70 LP
7ωīŞďǫπPrince Edward Island52 380.60 LP
8toyoPrince Edward Island51 835.90 LP
9PwnanatorPrince Edward Island51 558.70 LP
10parpasenoPrince Edward Island49 469.90 LP
11MacDougallPrince Edward Island47 137.90 LP
12THC | CleptoツPrince Edward Island46 757.70 LP
13ᅕthe_bonzi-again!ᅔPrince Edward Island41 093.20 LP
14Pickle JarPrince Edward Island29 847.40 LP
15HeroPrince Edward Island28 800.70 LP
16Obey.уλPrince Edward Island28 643.20 LP
17The CarPrince Edward Island28 017.00 LP
18xieoPrince Edward Island25 718.30 LP
19|Mr.Cheese|Prince Edward Island25 351.50 LP
20JychePrince Edward Island22 394.40 LP
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