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TM Forever local ladder (environment : Desert)
World|Russia|Northwestern Federal District
1úxv´Viper まむしNorthwestern Federal District8 699.99 LP
2RezonansNorthwestern Federal District8 391.75 LP
3rvr»DIMA-PTZNorthwestern Federal District7 919.61 LP
4норвиндNorthwestern Federal District7 456.14 LP
5RezonansNorthwestern Federal District6 423.69 LP
6»קרτ«Põŵę®Northwestern Federal District6 419.51 LP
7.EG6.Northwestern Federal District6 419.19 LP
8Pahom from BerdianskNorthwestern Federal District6 051.46 LP
9ДрэйкNorthwestern Federal District5 694.01 LP
10Kolodrubsky RomanNorthwestern Federal District5 514.70 LP
11RaZoRNorthwestern Federal District5 010.31 LP
12bamsliNorthwestern Federal District4 783.39 LP
13DaFankNorthwestern Federal District4 673.43 LP
14vsk Northwestern Federal District4 135.33 LP
15LeVRoNNorthwestern Federal District4 017.98 LP
16МУЗТОКNorthwestern Federal District3 907.51 LP
17sam76masNorthwestern Federal District3 791.79 LP
18ValenOKsNorthwestern Federal District3 204.27 LP
19άļųčąŗđNorthwestern Federal District2 789.31 LP
20EvgenyNorthwestern Federal District2 750.61 LP
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5ĐĢҒ Ðяαg๏η 
7Snacks für Phil the executor
8Nוνҽrsas (d-_-b)
9NON Ph@enix   
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