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TM Forever local ladder (environment : Snow)
World|Russia|Urals Federal District
1dimon74Urals Federal District14 062.10 LP
2666Urals Federal District11 343.90 LP
3гνг»RaveNUrals Federal District10 388.10 LP
4The Most UpsetUrals Federal District8 590.88 LP
5picka4yUrals Federal District8 406.19 LP
6RUS :-: MeqpUCToTeJIbUrals Federal District7 464.83 LP
7RainForCementUrals Federal District7 002.96 LP
8raptorUrals Federal District6 521.79 LP
9わたしのなまえ GTONY ですUrals Federal District6 507.04 LP
10ledgoUrals Federal District6 433.76 LP
11dark_daiverUrals Federal District6 129.08 LP
12RUS :-: °Г๋армошкинัะUrals Federal District6 028.26 LP
13123Urals Federal District5 970.52 LP
14FireMoonUrals Federal District5 761.89 LP
15ScorpionUrals Federal District5 558.45 LP
16モא.Đ~ßǑηęŞC®αャヤĘ®Urals Federal District5 494.94 LP
17qkpUrals Federal District5 177.20 LP
18ZBEPUrals Federal District4 832.18 LP
19Big Boy »Urals Federal District4 516.42 LP
20LAINUrals Federal District4 403.94 LP
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