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TM Forever local ladder (environment : Snow)
World|United States of America|New Mexico
1JasciiNew Mexico9 645.52 LP
27jamesyboy7New Mexico4 906.19 LP
3RAINBODASHNew Mexico2 587.06 LP
4mustang30New Mexico2 330.52 LP
5bobsaccountantNew Mexico782.31 LP
6sivsNew Mexico764.62 LP
7MunkMunkNew Mexico700.75 LP
8 NicodelavilleNew Mexico603.84 LP
9usnmmaddogNew Mexico345.07 LP
10ConfuciusRexNew Mexico340.57 LP
11nactoniumNew Mexico326.48 LP
12Architect CobraNew Mexico133.71 LP
13jokerthegreatNew Mexico74.80 LP
14ChunkNew Mexico68.36 LP
15elvisdark64New Mexico40.54 LP
16KDLynchNew Mexico37.09 LP
17TediakNew Mexico9.27 LP
18HazarNew Mexico6.15 LP
19MasonNew Mexico5.41 LP
20ZeranualNew Mexico3.16 LP
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1הє.। Fuchs
2ήŏņ י Ĵĕŗęм
3ĐĢҒ Mirakou 
7Λs|I тıפєя
8rev.redfog [3 D: ]
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