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TM Forever local ladder (environment : Merge)
World|Canada|Newfoundland and Labrador
1yannick62Newfoundland and Labrador77 516.50 LP
2/Я.iovy/Newfoundland and Labrador69 788.60 LP
3Lunjo!Newfoundland and Labrador69 705.00 LP
4 dampfNewfoundland and Labrador66 784.30 LP
5patriot_Newfoundland and Labrador61 953.30 LP
6טхפ«םєаļNewfoundland and Labrador61 295.20 LP
7thezillaNewfoundland and Labrador60 218.00 LP
8ѕкуηєNewfoundland and Labrador60 010.20 LP
9ӡooל maniiiiiii.Newfoundland and Labrador59 939.00 LP
10SNOWPANTSNewfoundland and Labrador59 873.20 LP
11...єяιcѕѕσηNewfoundland and Labrador59 706.10 LP
12SlowITdowNNewfoundland and Labrador59 479.70 LP
13kerch.80Newfoundland and Labrador59 360.50 LP
14ӵҖҩѕίήNewfoundland and Labrador59 342.10 LP
15rainy_dazeNewfoundland and Labrador59 288.10 LP
16The Sh@D0w_Kn0wsNewfoundland and Labrador59 261.70 LP
17fae_deliriumNewfoundland and Labrador59 246.20 LP
18fae_feverNewfoundland and Labrador59 237.10 LP
19rld0724Newfoundland and Labrador59 180.50 LP
20meekedNewfoundland and Labrador59 178.90 LP
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