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TM Forever local ladder (environment : Merge)
World|Russia|Siberian Federal District
1pult_siberianSiberian Federal District86 000.50 LP
2vittigerSiberian Federal District82 504.80 LP
3ewgeniy2004Siberian Federal District77 211.40 LP
4sfort90Siberian Federal District76 024.70 LP
5MoPo3oB Siberian Federal District73 780.10 LP
6BaikalSiberian Federal District72 666.80 LP
7paskySiberian Federal District71 644.00 LP
8EndlessSiberian Federal District71 211.60 LP
9 Іήζツ STAR4ESiberian Federal District70 900.10 LP
10 superpashkaSiberian Federal District70 844.50 LP
11stxrmdxgSiberian Federal District70 793.60 LP
12evgen4ikaSiberian Federal District70 645.90 LP
13 Boss of this GYMSiberian Federal District70 140.20 LP
14[रडdream]MaxѻnSiberian Federal District70 100.90 LP
15© BANKiBEATsSiberian Federal District70 097.00 LP
16尹เทӄұӄทเ尹Siberian Federal District70 083.70 LP
17n666sk///brkSiberian Federal District70 065.60 LP
18IzichSiberian Federal District70 064.70 LP
19'''nb.Siberian Federal District70 044.30 LP
20入 Spartak[OyK6]Siberian Federal District70 022.20 LP
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