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TM Forever local ladder (environment : Merge)
World|Russia|Urals Federal District
1Tony With The TommyUrals Federal District89 384.00 LP
2RUSViRTuEUrals Federal District83 853.10 LP
3FastBlasterUrals Federal District79 297.10 LP
4plazieUrals Federal District76 860.50 LP
5X777X777X777Urals Federal District76 252.90 LP
6ПожарникUrals Federal District76 222.00 LP
7 TM RedUrals Federal District76 135.60 LP
8ωаѕđеŗUrals Federal District75 607.80 LP
9vasyastarUrals Federal District74 681.40 LP
10DinasaurusUrals Federal District74 497.20 LP
11Just meUrals Federal District73 611.40 LP
12dokker95Urals Federal District71 801.90 LP
13¤[ruleZ]Vegas¤Urals Federal District71 586.50 LP
14go6p9kUrals Federal District71 511.20 LP
15VeganarmUrals Federal District71 370.30 LP
16κιмιUrals Federal District71 360.00 LP
17eugen ณטUrals Federal District70 909.40 LP
18dimedrol98Urals Federal District70 838.40 LP
1921 νогаΙехUrals Federal District70 673.50 LP
20goraratUrals Federal District70 663.50 LP
TM Forever top 10
1ĐĢҒ мוяαĸ๏ 
2ĐĢҒ Ðяαg๏η 
3ρгоѕт   ॣ мเк๏
4LT/-/ /
6ĐĢҒ κυЅнॆ め
7ĐĢҒ Budala 
8Kaiser Franz Schärdinand
10иम мм
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